Southwest Tow Operators Under the Microscope by FBI & IRS

We have talked to hundreds tow company owners reference the continued calls from the Southwest Tow Operators regarding their annual membership fee and the benefit they gain from paying it. After our conversations with these owners, the majority agree, the money they ask for does nothing for them, as most continue to be issued administrative […]

Operation Dream Chasers Commences

Nine Houston based strike teams commenced operations to address rogue repo trucks taking vehicles from apartment complexes in the Tomball, Jersey Village and Bear Creek areas earlier, with 15 bait vehicles.  At approximately 2:45am, an unlicensed tow truck operator was nabbed in the process of towing a bait vehicle, whom was arrested for outstanding felony […]

Auto Return Contractor 620 Lakeside Towing Damages APD Impound

The photo above is a vehicle, impounded by the Austin Police Department after the driver was arrested for Reckless Driving, that Auto Return Contractor 620 Lakeside Towing arrived to load on the wheel-lift of a rollback to be transported to their vehicle storage facility located at 12400 ANDERSON MILL RD, AUSTIN, TX. 78726. The vehicle sustained damage […]

SXSW 2016 Predatory Towing Expected by Austin Area Tow Companies

With SXSW events in Austin beginning this week, it’s expected, the predatory illegal towing of vehicles, without a doubt will occur. This year’s festivities like the prior years, left some of those who chose to drive the Austin for the numerous SXSW events will become victims of J&J Towing, Reliant Towing, Park Right Solutions, Austin […]

The Power of a Photo From a Texas Vehicle Storage Facility

They, being vehicle storage facility operators in Texas, still don’t get it, the person who releases a vehicle can make or break your bank account, due to their attitude and responses to a vehicle owner, insurance adjuster or lien holder.  Just about everyone who must get out of bed in the early morning hours to […]