Non-compliant Tow Signs Remain Prime Reason for 404 Lawsuits

When towed from a parking lot with a sign as shown above, the vehicle owner or operator should file the Small Claims Court Lawsuit for Statutory Violations against the property management company and landowner, leaving the tow company out of the lawsuit. Based on the continued pleading by the attorneys representing these companies and landowners, […]

Some TDLR Licensees Never Imagined They Would Be Caught

An unhappy employee can make or break a company, in some cases, as in these latest round of agreed orders, it was a licensee that could no longer stomach the way their employers operated their business. What we like, is a company’s own employees providing insider information to regulatory agencies, being TDLR, the IRS, TCEQ, […]

Free Money – Southwest Auto Tow – SWAT Parking Permits

Anybody that has been towed by Southwest Auto Tow (SWAT) in the DFW area from an apartment complex because your vehicle lacked a parking permit, your in entitled to no less than $1000 plus three times what you paid, in addition to the cost of repairs to your vehicles caused by the towing and storage […]

Insurance Companies put Tow Companies in Texas on Notice

A confidential insurance company internal document describes the tow industry as dysfunctional, operating well outside acceptable business practices and reveals drivers involved in accidents are charged astronomical fees by operators. It cited the example of a tow driver climbing into the back of an ambulance where paramedics were treating a man and pressuring him to […]

Feedback From Tow Victims Across Texas

The following comments are from victims of predatory towing across Texas sent via the Texas Towing Compliance website, we encourage all victims provide us feedback reference the mental anguish and hardships you experienced after finding your vehicle was towed away. Jennifer McClellan Hello I came across your website while researching Texas Impound Services. Very unethical […]

They Just Don’t Learn, Sooner or Later They Are Caught – TTC Education Matters

Nothing surprises us anymore with TDLR licensees, some steal, a larger number of PPI licensees pay bribes, damage vehicle, then claim prior damage, steal personal property from locked vehicles, destroy transmission, smoke narcotics and outright knowingly violate the many rules and regulations of the Texas Occupations Code 2308 enforced by the Texas Department of Licensing […]

More TDLR Agreed Orders with Fines Issued – Update

We will keep this article short, but TDLR continues to issue fines and license revocations, because vehicle owners are filing complaints and everyone should file the TDLR complaint regardless the reason your vehicle is towed or booted. Therefore the latest to continue violating the law and burning the public are shown below, many whom are […]

Red River Apartments Tow Scam by Reliant Towing

The Red River Apartments located at 3301 Red River in Austin, Texas is latest report of a tow scam by Reliant Towing according to call to the Tow Hotline and photographs provided by victims. After reviewing the tow signage at this address, it has been determined not one tow sign posted meets the minimum requirements […]