Cantu Criminal Organization (CCO) Racketeering in Corpus Christi, Texas

Latest on the Cantu Criminal Organization (CCO) aka Lone Star Wrecker Service has the Cantu family of criminals doing what they are good at, robbing the citizens and tourists of Corpus Christi, Texas.

These bottom feeders are so stupid when comes to hiding their tracks when they committed mail fraud and their inability to perform tow operations with honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.

The most recent victim of the CCO contacted us and since filed the TDLR complaints against them for the Expired Sticker Scam and filed the following complaint:

Lone Star Wrecker Service towed my vehicle from in front of my apartment on September 5, 2014. All of their paperwork stated the reason for tow, as being expired registration. There was a valid, and up to date registration sticker on my windshield; but when I pointed that out, the cashier said that’s not her job, she just does what she is told. I received the 10 days notice to move my vehicle certified letter 2 days after they towed my vehicle. I lived in Sugar Tree Apartments in Corpus Christi, TX.

The weird thing about the letter, was that it had the address of the Apartments, but the zip code of the impound yard.

There is another big problem with Sugar Tree Apartments. They do not allow the post man to deliver packages, or certified letters to the residents doors. The lease states all deliveries will be left in the main office. That means that the management knows the tenant will never receive the letter. It also means that the manager receives the little pink notice that you have a letter at the post office. The reason I received my notice the morning I noticed my car was gone, was because of the holiday. the office was closed, and he had to put the notice in my mail box. That’s why I received the 10 days notice two days after they towed my car.

Lone Star wrecking didn’t even wait ten day from the date the letter was mailed. I filed a complaint with the TDLR immediately after the tow, and I still have all of the documents, but I do not live in Corpus Christi anymore because of threats, and markings on my car afterword’s. I didn’t feel safe living there anymore, so I moved.

The tow company is prohibited by State Law from providing anything of value to the parking facility in connection with the removal of a vehicle. Lone Star violated this one specific violation, 2308.402 because they are mailing the required 10 Day Certified Letter for apartment complexes for vehicles with expired stickers (Inspection/Registration) and doing so, they are paying for the paper and postage for the letter requirement.

County: NUECES
Zip Code: 78468

County: NUECES
Zip Code: 78427

License #: 6442702C

Complaint # TOW20130012168

Date: 10/5/2014

Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty in the amount of $2,625. Respondent’s tow company license is placed on a one year probated suspension. Respondent shall ensure that its tow operators have completed a total of 4 hours of Department-approved continuing education within three months of this order. Any tow operators hired after the issuance of this order shall obtain 4 hours of Department-approved continuing education within two months of his or her date of hire.

Respondent towed a vehicle from a parking facility that did not have the required signage prohibiting unauthorized vehicles; Respondent failed to comply with an order previously issued by the Executive Director.

As with most local police departments, Corpus Christi is no different and will use the excuse lack of manpower as an excuse for the reason of not doing what the Texas Legislature and Governor mandate they do, enforce the Texas, Towing, Storage & Booting Act, as the actions of Lone Star are outright criminal in nature.

All towing related hearings and lawsuits against Lone Star Wrecker Service are advised to be filed in one court and only this court, if towed anywhere in Nueces County.

In a recent tow hearing case filed in another county against the Cantu Criminal Organization (CCO) aka Lone Star Wrecker Service, owner Eric Cantu claimed to own the Judges where he has tow hearings in Corpus Christi.

Paying cash bribes to Judges, Property Managers and Law Enforcement as Eric Cantu does, is the motto of the Southwest Tow Operators, “The key to a thriving tow business is bribery”.

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