Bobby Joe New Bribes Constable Danny Thomas with $2500 for No-Bid Tow Contract

Southside Wrecker.Storage 9.5.15

Evidence to support Southside Wrecker Inc Bobby New’s claims of having the Austin Police Department in his back pocket has surfaced once again that should without a doubt raise red flags with the FBI Public Corruption Probe.

Travis County JP 1 Danny Thomas retired from the Austin Police Department, after retirement, Thomas campaigned for the current elected position he holds now. Many times, Thomas stated he would return integrity to the JP 1 Constables’ Office and voters believed him since he retired from the Police Department after 25+ years. While working for APD, he was friends with co-workers whom were members of the New Family, that held the APD Towing & Storage Contract for 40 years, making millions of dollars on the backs of the citizens, tourists, college students and trucking companies involved in traffic accidents.

Greedy Bobby wanted all of the law enforcement agencies’ tow contract and would routinely bribe elected officials via campaign donations for favorable votes to choose his company over other tow companies, basically operating a monopoly.

Bobby New recently found out firsthand his family’s wealth can’t buy off investigators with the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality after I filed a complaint because auction attendees were providing me photos of various engine, diesel, antifreeze, transmission fluid spills from wrecked vehicles and the absolute fact he claimed he was operating a salvage yard at his 8200 South Congress Avenue address. This TCEQ issue is sure to cost him dearly facing environmental and EPA document fraud.

To make matters even worse for Bobby’s scamming the public, is his delayed notification letter scam, electronically mailing via a rural post office in Little Rock, AR so the letter wouldn’t be delivered back to an Austin address for 8 to 12 days just to increase the cost to retrieve a vehicle requested by APD to be impounded. New could, like other local Austin storage facility mail the same notification letter in Austin and reach a vehicle owner or lien holder no later than the 3rd day.

According to Danny Thomas’ campaign finance report filed with the Texas Ethics Commission, Bobby New made five different $500 campaign donations using four different addresses, 1/7/08 400 Jerry’s Lane, Buda, Texas; 3/20/08 PO Box 1799 Manchaca, Texas; 3/20/08 5900 Colton Road, Austin, Texas; 03/20/08 400 Jerry’s Lane, Buda, Texas; 03/28/08 4308 Terry O Lane, Austin, Texas.

Folk, his criminal behavior lives up to the Southwest Tow Operator’s Motto, “The Key to Thriving Tow Business is Bribery”

Danny Constable within three weeks of being elected gave Bobby New a n0-bid tow contract for his JP1 Constable’s Office in consideration of the $2500 Bobby New padded his pocket with.

In our opinion, both Bobby New and Danny Thomas should be prosecuted in Federal Court for Corruption and sent to Federal Prison just like every elected official who accepted bribe money.

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The Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division should take a serious look and audit Southside Wrecker Service Inc, Bobby Joe New, James L New and Sherry New and follow the paper trail of elected official, police officers, municipal, state and county employees New has paid off for insider information and vote-buying.

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