Bexar Towing Outright Steals Vehicle – San Antonio

Dirty Abandoned Second Vehicle

A tow truck operator towed a vehicle, belonging to a resident, vehicle listed on lease, with current inspection/registration, no flats or leaking fluids, because the vehicle was “dirty” looking and hadn’t moved from the assigned paid parking space. The vehicle owner, an US Air Force pilot, upon returning from an overseas flight, of transporting military cargo to Iraq, his “second” vehicle gone. As any vehicle would have reacted, his first thought was the vehicle was stolen, so he calls the San Antonio Police Department, only to be told his vehicle wasn’t stolen, rather towed by Bexar Towing.

Beside being tired, the Captain was not pleased to see where his vehicle was dragged from the space, as the skid marked on the pavement indicated just that, he parks his vehicle, walks to the office, to face the property manager about why his second vehicle was towed. Of course the property manager, as most do, claimed, “I did not call to have your vehicle towed”, then asked the “leasing agent”, who stated a tow truck driver had told her the day before he tagged an abandoned “dirty” vehicle, this unwashed, dirty vehicle according to the Bexar driver, gave the property bad appearance, so the leasing agent authorizes the vehicle to be towed.

Already frustrated, but polite, the Captain has a friend drive him to Bexar’s storage lot to endure a crowd of people waiting in line to get their vehicles, all with the same feeling of disbelief their vehicles were illegal towed. Accordingly, several people were shouting death threats to the storage lot employees and the tow truck driver speeding away to avoid contact with their victims..

The following morning, after a late night in rainy weather, the Captain does his research and discovers Texas Towing Compliance’s website with a call to the hotline…

The Captain has decided to pursue legal action against his property manager, as he is so entitled to no less than $14,350, which includes to the cost of repairs to his vehicle and all the fees that were paid..

This is ANOTHER example why tow truck operators continue to be assaulted in parking lots walking around with a flashlight for vehicles out permits or while attempting to tow someone else’s vehicle, so they can burglarize your locked vehicle to take your personal property.

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