Avoid Westwind Transport Due to Fraudulent Billing Practices & Death of Pedestrian

Westwind yellow tow truck

          Purchased Old Tow Truck No Other Tow Company Wanted

Westwind Transport, located in Big Spring, Texas is a classic example of an unscrupulous tow business, as the owner, Jerry Guest Jr commits insurance fraud on every traffic accident involving tractor trailers, that travel IH 20 and holds the “cargo” hostage until the entire tow/storage bill is paid in full.  Guest in his mind thinks he can inflate the multiple tow invoices by charging fees unrelated to the towing and recovery of wrecked vehicles.

Jerry Guest Jr - Westwind Transport Owner

               Jerry Guest Jr – Westwind Transport Owner

Soon Jerry Guest Jr will learn his practices will comeback and bite him in butt, if not charged criminally.

This is what we know, based on Jerry Guest’s company documents and DPS Accident Reports:

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, on June 1, 2013, a Westwind Transport driver was involved in a traffic accident that caused to the death of pedestrian on IH 20 according to the accident report information:

Crash Date 06-01-2013 20:13 Report# TX3SOGHQE1YJ

Crash Id: 2714491
Crash Report Status: Complete
Crash Finalized Date: 06-24-2013
Crash Location: IH-0020
State: TX
Traffic: Two-way, not divided
Road Surface: Dry
Weather Condition: No Adverse Condition
Cargo Body: Not applicable
Light Condition: Dark-Not Lighted
Vehicle Type: Single-Unit Truck (2-Axle, 6-Tire)
VIN#: 1GBJ7H1C92J504846
Vehicle License #: T0688D
Vehicle License State: TX
Reporting Agency: TXDPS
Officer Badge #: 12298
Total Vehicles in Crash: 2
Total Fatalities: 1
Total Injuries #: 0
Event: Collision involving pedestrian
On March 13, 2016, a traffic accident involving a tractor trailer owned by Palomino Trucking rolled over on IH-20, the driver was transported to the hospital, the arriving law enforcement agency, TXDPS notified Westwind Transport to arrive at the scene to begin the recovery process and remove the vehicle and it’s load of copper from the roadway and median. For experienced tow truck operators, this recovery process is not that difficult with the right tow trucks and take no longer than 4 hours max to overturn the truck and trailer, which is what happened according to troopers on scene. (Cargo claim and photos of accident scene)
After Westwind completes the recovery process with the assistance of outside contractor and returns to their vehicle storage facility and tow company, is when he commits insurance fraud. For starters, Westwind Transport is a license tow company, not an environmental cleanup company nor a construction company, but he choose to inflate the actual cost of these company’s invoices for services.
Let’s look at the actual environmental cleanup cost, which has been paid already by TST Insurance as of this past Friday, Independent Consultant’s owner was not a happy camper, Jerry Guest charged twice of what their invoice for services were. We recommended they do no more work for this Jerry Guest as his reputation of being honest is out the door and we surely doubt he would be found sitting on the front row of church.
According to the Claims Manager with TST Insurance, they has serious issue with the invoice Jerry Guest was demanding as it doubled the Independent Consultants’ invoice above.
Given the fact Jerry Guest is a proud member of the Southwest Tow Operators, this affiliation alone is the common core why unscrupulous tow company owners give the entire tow industry a bad reputation with the trucking industry. The invoices Jerry Guest faxed to the tractor trailer owner were staggering, just by shear amount charged, look for yourself below.
Tomorrow, we will reach out to DPS Midland, TXDOT Midland and others to address these gross overcharges and recommend they have a rotation list for environmental companies to cleanup accident scenes. It’s because of Westwind Transport why the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations should set the caps on Incident Management tow fees, as its costing small businesses their livelihoods and without a doubt ripping off insurance companies, which cause insurance companies to charge higher rates.
It’s not like Jerry Guest Jr has the overhead of tow companies who have newer modernized fleets of the tow trucks, being such the majority of his fleet of tow trucks were manufactured over 20 years ago and he does not provide health insurance for his drivers and employees as required under the Affordable Care Act, that work in excess of 40 hours a week.
Westwind HD blue

Outdated Tow Truck

Westwind HD Red

Outdated Tow Truck

The trucking industry, OOIDA, NASTC, TXTA, ATA, and all truckers should never request Westwind Transport for any towing when traveling Interstate 20 between Abilene and El Paso, as in our opinion are nothing but a bunch of crooks.
UPDATE: 03/22/16
We have learned that cold hearted Jerry Guest called Independent Consultants using profane language, making veil threats and basically proving what everyone in Big Springs we have spoken to, is nothing more than a dishonest businessman. Thug Jerry, being in the trucking business prior to towing has a temper and has little knowledge or training in billing practices for towing and recovery work. Nobody in the towing industry, including those who have the training, unlike Jerry Guest, charges a $350 per hour supervisor’s fee, because honest tow companies want to retain customers instead of chasing them away.
An issue Jerry Guest Jr doesn’t seem to understand, is he and his company lack the required TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) certification to charge for an accident cleanup incident.  He simply cannot make a profit on a service he lack the required certification according to TCEQ, which we have since filed an environmental complaint against him specifically and his vehicle storage facility.
Jerry Guest doesn’t possess a valid nonconsent tow fee schedule for his company, as he makes up charges as he wishes…
We have also filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division reference Jerry Guest and his corrupt Westwind Transport, since another insurance company who paid the claim on another wreck he fraudulently billed for.
Westwind Transport is a perfect example why the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations should regulate Incident Management Fees, so small businesses do not bankrupt because a greedy dishonest businessman……
Anyone who has been towed by this company is urged to file the TDLR complaints against his tow company license for fees unrelated to towing.
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