Auto Return Contractor AusTex Towing & Recovery Violating Bid Requirement

One of the many requirements of the rebid for the Austin Police Department Total Towing Management Bid, was that any vehicle storage facility participating as a contractor to Auto Return, the storage facility be no less than 7 acres in size.

AusTex Towing & Recovery’s Vehicle Storage Facility in it’s current form fails to meet this requirement, nor does it provide any of the required dedicated office space for APD personnel.

AusTex has already been nailed by both APD and TDLR for towing vehicles, CapMetro buses and tractor trailers without safety chains.

AusTex appears to believe they are above law in many aspects, failing to obey the bid guidelines, failure to show proof at the time of payment the notification letter has been mailed to both the vehicle owner and lien holders and least but not last arriving on accident scenes or arrested individual’s vehicle prior to being summoned by APD or Auto Return.

Enough is enough with these continued violations, as the citizens of Austin deserve nothing but the best and are not getting it with use of AusTex Towing & Recovery as tow contractor for Austin Police Department and continue to tow vehicles for Parks & Recreation with non-compliant tow signs.

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