Auto Return Contractor 620 Lakeside Towing Damages APD Impound

Lakeside damage 3.8.16

The photo above is a vehicle, impounded by the Austin Police Department after the driver was arrested for Reckless Driving, that Auto Return Contractor 620 Lakeside Towing arrived to load on the wheel-lift of a rollback to be transported to their vehicle storage facility located at 12400 ANDERSON MILL RD, AUSTIN, TX. 78726. The vehicle sustained damage by a tow truck operator, employed by 620 Lakeside Towing by tow the vehicle in an incompetent manner, being such, the front of the vehicle was raised to high that allowed the rear the vehicle to be dragged across something at their storage facility at the top of the hill.

Based on interviews conducted by Lt. Kevin Leverenz of the Austin Police Department of both John Spillers and Mike Murray, the officers who conducted the traffic stop and arrest, they stated:Lt, when Lakeside showed up they already had a car on the flatbed and he hooked this one up with the rear forks.  I imagined he hit something going to the yard and dragged the butt of this car and caused the damaged. Spillers” and Lt, I saw no damage on the vehicle it looked new. That vehicle was doing 100 mph if it was damaged the bumper would have been flapping around when we were behind it. Hope this helps sir. I forward this to  Sgt Spillers and he was even at our stop. Sgt Spillers stated he never saw damage either, Murray”

The man that picked up the car asked if there was damaged before the tow and, the vehicle owner said no, he then asked if I have any proof and I said I can get the Dashcam footage from the police that pulled me over and arrested me and the 620 Lakeside employee replied with “yes try to do that” with no interest in further helping me or providing their tow company’s insurance information.

The vehicle owner stated, he was arrested and taken away and didn’t have the chance to see my car get towed but it happened in the process but it’s clear sign that someone or something tried to pull on the back bumper of my car.

Knowing all the facts surrounding the APD investigation, it’s clear Billy Davenport’s 620 Lakeside Towing has a problem with regards to performing tow operations with honesty, integrity and trustworthiness, a serious TDLR violation that carries a hefty fine, in addition to possible suspension of this tow company license.

The citizens, taxpayers and members of the Austin Police Department deserve better than what this tow company is providing, as if vehicles are going to damaged or destroyed without admitting fault, then the Austin City Council should take the necessary action to remove 620 Lakeside as one of their preferred tow companies and vehicle storage facilities.

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