Austin Update: AutoReturn Tow Contractors, Pronto Wrecker Service & APD Wrecker Unit


Based on facts, the Auto Return towing management contract with the Austin Police Department has helped clear accidents quicker, but some tow truck operators aren’t cleaning of the debris caused by traffic accidents. According to both the Austin Fire Department and the Texas Department of Transportation, the amount of vehicle body parts, bumpers, broken glass, seats, absorbent and hoods are staggering, which leaves the majority of intersections looking like an automobile salvage yard and causing nightmares for pedestrians navigating crash debris left on intersection sidewalks. Auto Return Jim Wicker claims of making difference is a two-way sword, as they damn sure don’t keep their promise of making their tow contractors tow the line, as complaints by the public and agencies go unaddressed.

Based on statements from former tow truck operators of Thomas Mora, owner of Pronto Wrecker Service, with regards to local Walmarts, tractor trailers, whose driver were granted permission to park overnight, are being outright stolen, towed as one component, but separated at Mora’s storage facility and billed $800 each, gouging trucking companies.

The Austin Police Department Wrecker Unit is still in disray, as the sole detective, Thomas Ballard outright refuses to address the predatory towing and booting that continues unabated throughout Austin area causing havoc for the public and tow companies whom obey the law, only to see their account base disappear due to their competitors knowingly violating the Texas Towing, Booting & Storage Law, much less an outdated wrecker ordinance. Tow companies are forced to wait upwards of three months to get their tow truck operator licenses issued by the Police Department renewed, much less addressing the debris left at accident scenes, even when documented by TXDOT officials and the AFD.

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations has proved themselves to be useless, other than collecting fines from select licensees at the tax-paying citizen’s misery, another reason the Texas Legislature should return the regulation of the towing industry back to the Texas Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Division, who never allowed the conduct we are witnessing across the state by predatory tow companies gouging the public and the allowing of tow companies to be issued another tow company license, prior to their current licenses being revoked to remain in operation.

It seems like most local law enforcement agencies and elected officials don’t care, either because of the continued corruption linked to tow companies whom been documented accepting financial kickbacks or state regulatory agencies with prosecutors and appointed commissioners bow down to the obvious organized crime that the FBI is not interested in addressing to protect the public…

It’s just a really sad situation all the way around as motorists are targeted daily around the state by predatory tow companies and vehicle storage facilities, left with no other option but to pay their ransom demands or lose their vehicles…


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