Austin Police Department Patrol, Motors & Highway Enforcement Units Enforcing Safety Regulations on Tow Trucks & Rollbacks


It took a new Commander, Lieutenant, Sergeant and Detective at the Highway Enforcement Command within the Austin Police Department to finally begin enforcing the Texas Towing, Storage and Booting Act and the Transportation Code with regards to illegal towing, failure by tow truck and rollback operators to secure their loads with two safety chains, working tow lights and conduct vehicle storage facility inspections.

We are quite pleased with the efforts of Detective Tim Atkinson, going to every shift roll call and educating officers on their required responsibilities in stopping and issuing citations for committing violations of State Law. 

This new group of dedicated Highway Enforcement Command and staff are not playing favoritism, as in the past, as Detective Loosier did, by allowing predatory tow companies to knowingly commit criminal offenses against the public with impunity.

The public is encouraged to call 911 should you observe a tow truck or rollback towing vehicles without safety chains, working tow lights, taking up two lanes of traffic while towing a vehicle with it’s wheels not straight, attempting to collect a drop fee when the vehicle is not fully ready to transport.

Important reminders after being towed in Austin without your permission:

  • Call 311 or 512-974-5000 to file the offense report for a wrecker ordinance violation;
  • After submitting payment of charges at the storage lot, under no circumstance do you want to sign any paperwork, unless the paperwork is notarized, due to illegal disclaimers discovered by Det Atkinson during storage facility inspections;
  • Document by using your cellphone the signage and where it is posted at the parking lot your vehicle was towed from, prior to going to the storage lot.

The Austin Police Department encourages the public to call them when dealing with a tow truck operator in a parking lot since so many of them are hardcore convicted felons and report all suspicious behavior of tow truck operators in parking lots at night as it’s not uncommon for tow truck operators to burglarize vehicles to remove the parking permit and place the transmission in neutral so they can tow it, or just drag it in gear and damage it.

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