Austin Area Wrecker Driver Arrested

Over the weekend, a wrecker driver working for J&J Towing, probably wished he didn’t come in contact with an Austin resident, that knew, that if he the caught the wrecker driver, still in the parking lot, there would be no charge. It turns out the vehicle owner was persistent in not paying, so the dumbass wrecker driver call 911 for a police officer to come the parking lot.

When the police officers arrive, the wrecker driver mumbles while the vehicle owner was telling the officer his vehicle was not “fully prepared to transport” and had witnesses to back up the story.

Then comes good part, the officer ask the wrecker driver, for his city issued wrecker license, the new TDLR operators license and his driver license, in addition to the vehicle owner. This is a common practice for the Austin Police to check for warrants.

Oh oh, the officer tells the wrecker driver to place his hands behind his back, to be handcuffed. Who would have possibly known that the wrecker driver would have been wanted for outstanding warrants. The vehicle owner did not have no warrants, so he was free to take his vehicle and return to what he was doing.

Then the police officer calls for their contract towing company, Southside Wrecker, to come impound the J&J Towing truck.

How sweet could it have turned out, the cops really didn’t appreciate verbal abuse from the wrecker driver, so they transported his butt to the county jail.

As we always tell people, attempt to catch the wrecker driver while hooking up your vehicle in the parking lot, they have to release it for free, if they refuse, call the 911.

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