Attempting to Protect Property Manager by Towing Company Criminal Activity

A large majority vehicle storage facilities across Texas are failing to provide the name, address and phone number to whom authorized the towing, of vehicle without the owner or operator consent. In a continued effort by towing companies to protect their property managers from lawsuits for noncompliance of State Law, motorist are getting wiser to this losing game.

Time and time again, I receive phone calls from people who have seen their vehicles towed during the middle of the night, for reasons, that the wrecker driver determines is a violation.

Several towing companies that offer parking lot striping as a package deal to retain a towing contract with an apartment complex are painting the parking space stripes closer than the original parking lot striping, creating a nightmare, for vehicle owners who drive larger vehicles. It’s impossible for a Ford Expedition to park in a compact parking space, without touching the white stripe..

Of course, those property management companies, that accept these package deals from towing companies, never think about the end results, when they are being questioned before a Judge, regarding accepting a financial benefit from their towing company.

TAA property managers SHOULD read their REDBOOK, because these regulations for towing are here to stay and towing companies will change their company’s name, as your company will be left holding the Judgment for the criminal activity you authorized!

Predatory Towing scams happen daily in Texas, only you can do something about it..visit
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