AT&T Executive Center & Hotel Guest Targeted in Predatory Tow Scam in Austin

No Legal Towing Signs Posted “on” Parking Facility

The parking lot located at 2004 University Avenue, Austin, Texas is a baited traps for motorists who park there and go to the ATT Executive Conference Center, UT or anywhere else.

State Law changed September 1, 2013 that requires tow signs to state “Towing Enforced” and the hours and days towing is enforced.  This parking lot fails to meet these requirements in order for vehicles to be towed legally.

The Catholic Student Center is located at 2100 University Avenue, but the parking lot for the center is 2004 University Avenue.

Illegal Tow Sign posted on 2100 University Avenue

The towing signs posted on the building for 2100 University Avenue facing the parking lot at 2104 University Avenue does not provide the require notice that vehicles are subject to towing.

Illegal Tow Sign posted farther than 25′ from street

This illegal tow sign is posted 100′ from University Avenue. State Law requires the tow sign to be no farther than 25′ from University Avenue.

Illegally marked designated parking spaces

The parking spaces with a sign in front of each space designating for someone are also not marked in compliance with State Law.  A designated parking space “must” be marked with a sign or on the pavement in the front and rear of the space.

Everyone that has been towed from 2104 University Avenue, regardless the reason, was illegally towed and are entitled to compensation.

Therefore, find your receipts you were given when you paid J&J Towing if towed with two years from the date of towing and contact the Texas Towing Compliance prosecution team by email or call them at 512-236-1114.  There are no upfront legal fees to worry about to get the compensation STATE LAW entitles tow victims too.

Predatory Tow Scam featuring J&J Towing, Central Parking and the Catholic Student Center for financial gain targeting guest of the AT&T Executive Conference Center, UT students and anyone else who parks here.

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