Atlas Towing & Recovery Unknowingly Tows 17 Bait Vehicles

Teams reporting within the past 72 hours, the thieves at Atlas Towing & Recovery towed 17 of our bait vehicles from parking lots with illegal tow signs posted that Judge Vasquez has ruled do not comply with 2308.301 and 302.

Ricardo Venegas and his wife have been taking advantage of the public since 2008, targeting apartment complexes occupied by low income residents, knowing in their tiny minds, their victims are less likely to contest the stealing of their vehicles and just pay their ransom.

Since San Antonio Mayor Taylor nor Municipal Court prosecutors does not support the San Antonio Police Department’s effort to address the predatory activities of Atlas, Bexar, Creswells, Assured or Eagle One, vehicle owners and operators are just going to have to take matters into their own hands when any of the thieves in tow trucks try to take your vehicle without your consent.

Atlas’ tow truck drivers are basically stealing vehicles every time they hookup one in a parking lot as they DO NOT have probable cause to tow any vehicle, regardless the reason, due to illegal tow signs and kickbacks.

Therefore knowing Atlas is a criminal organization stealing vehicles, a vehicle owner or operator should treat their drivers the same you would if someone broke into your home while you and your family were asleep at night, especially if your vehicle is not fully prepared for transport when you catch them still within the parking lot.

All vehicle owners towed, charged a drop or boot fee by Atlas or any tow or boot company in Bexar County are encouraged to pursue legal action to recover big bucks with the assistance of James Meyrat by contacting him at 210-412-6756.

Equally important is to call or email SAPD to file criminal charges at 210-207-2348 and file all four TDLR complaints against the tow company, tow truck operator, vehicle storage facility, boot operator and vehicle storage facility employee licenses so they can be issued administrative fines in addition to license suspensions or revocations.

The San Antonio Apartment Association should be ashamed of themselves for accepting kickbacks from it’s tow company members as they are just as dishonest as the tow companies, all after your money!

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