Atlas Towing & Recovery Continues to Tow Vehicles Without Probable Cause

Atlas Towing & Recovery located in San Antonio, Texas continues to take advantage of the public, members of the military and tourists who park their vehicles in parking lots bearing illegal tow signs with their name of them.  Atlas’ owner Ricardo is nothing more than a thug who prides himself with knowingly violating State Law that regulates his tow company and vehicle storage facility, but given the fact he is member of the Southwest Tow Operators, his behavior is on key for that of a criminal enterprise.

Atlas’ business ethics is so bad, the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations want to shut them down permanently to protect the public fraud, as shown in the SOAH case filing below:

Download (PDF, 172KB)

If your vehicle has been towed or charged a drop fee from any parking lot in San Antonio with any of the tow signs below, your entitled to money, money Atlas’ accounts will pay you with assistance of either the attorneys who represent tow victims.  If you don’t have the time to go to Court, file a police report with the San Antonio Police Department and the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, as either will order Atlas to refund your money.

All of the above tow signs are illegal because the text is wrong, or statutory verbiage is missing, the sign layout is wrong and none of them meet the requirements of the Texas Towing, Booting & Storage Law.

The owner of Atlas knows his signs are illegal, but because John Q Citizen doesn’t know the law, he chooses to take advantage of the citizens, military and tourists of San Antonio, Texas as if it’s a game until he his caught red-handed by a vehicle owner attempting to steal their vehicle or rob someone in the parking lot of an illegal drop due in fact because the tow sign is illegal.

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