APD/Southside Wrecker/AutoReturn Issues Exposed

The key to a thriving tow business is "Bribery" payable in Cash

The key to a thriving tow business in Austin is “Bribery” payable in Cash

Yesterday at the Austin City Hall, members of the Austin City Council’s Public Safety Committee held a public hearing about the issues of the proposed REBID of the APD Total Management Contract.

It was a meeting that proof is provided to the Council that both APD, Southside Wrecker and bidder Auto Return have violated the no contact clause during the bidding process.

Owners of local tow companies all spoke against APD’s plan to make the New Family Empire richer than ever before at the expense of the public.

The Auto Return representative actually made himself look like an idiot as we know what is going on behind the scenes and the City Council is not going to allow anyone to take advantage of the public.


http://austintx.swagit.com/play/03232015-696/5/  < I speak on this link.

Please watch both videos as they are of the complete meeting reference this issue.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Internal Revenue Service have been notified of “bid rigging” and bribing elected and city/county official connected to this rebid worth $12 million dollars.

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