Allstar Towing in Dallas Designated “Criminal Enterprise” linked to Domestic Terrorism

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Allstar Towing in Dallas, Texas is by far one of the many worst tow companies in the State of Texas, but given the fact they are members of the Southwest Tow Operators, stealing for living is par to course. Jonathan Reza, the owner of Allstar prides himself at bribing property managers, allows his drivers to knowingly tow vehicles without probable cause, provides illegal tow signs to his accounts and refuses to pay for damages to vehicles caused by his tow truck drivers who routinely damage vehicles just to make a paycheck.

When someone arrives at Dallas County VSF storage facility, they are ridiculed, cursed, threatened, refuse to display their TDLR VSF EMPLOYEE LICENSE, refuse to provide the name of the person who authorized the tow, requires, but not required per TDLR rules, to sign away your rights prior to inspecting your vehicle or releasing your vehicle after payment has been submitted, unless you sign their paperwork, they refuse to provide you a copy of the tow company receipt which they are required to.

The key in getting these two bastardized companies  to comply with State Law is not filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau, rather file the complaints with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations as soon as you get your vehicle back, as failing to file these TDLR complaints, allows them to continue taking advantage of the public.

There is no use in completing their damage claim report as they will refuse to pay for anything, it’s best to contact the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations to obtain their insurance information to file a claim directly with the insurance company, in addition to filing the TDLR complaints.

The public is encouraged to file the TDLR complaints against Dallas County VSF LLC as this is the only way you will get results from being scammed by these parasites.

The following disclaimer is on the Dallas County VSF receipt you do not want to sign under any circumstance, as they cannot refuse to release your vehicle because you refuse to:

“The owner or operator of a vehicle that has been removed and placed in a VSF without the consent of the owner or operator of the vehicle is entitled to a hearing to determine: (1) Whether probable cause existed for the removal of the vehicle (2) Whether a towing charge imposed or collected in connection with the removal of the vehicle was greater than the amount authorized by the political subdivision or under Trans. Code Sec. 643.001, 643.003, 643.004 or 643.005. (3) Whether a towing charge imposed or collected in connection with the removal of the vehicle was greater than the amount filed with DOT under Trans. Code 643.207 and available on the DOT internet website, ( A person entitle [sic] to a hearing under this chapter must deliver a written request for the hearing to the court before the 14th day after the date the vehicle was placed in a VSF, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays. If a notice is not given, the 14 day deadline for requesting a hearing does apply, and the owner or operator of the vehicle may deliver a written request at any time. A person who fails to deliver a request waives the right to a hearing. A request for a hearing must contain: (1) The name, address and phone number of the owner or operator of the vehicle (2) the location where the vehicle was removed (3) The date the vehicle was removed (4) The name, address and phone number of the person or law enforcement agency that authorized the removal, or the VSF in which the vehicle was placed and of the towing company that removed the vehicle (5) A copy of any receipt or notification that the owner or operator received from the towing company or the VSF (6) If the vehicle was removed from a parking facility, one or more photos that show the location and text of any sign(s) posted at the facility restricting parking of vehicles or a statement that no such sign(s) was posted at the parking facility. The court may charge a $25 filing fee for a hearing under this chapter. The court may award to the prevailing party: (1) Court cost (2) The reasonable cost of photos submitted under section 685.007(b)(8) (3) An amount equal to the amount that the towing charge exceeded fees regulated by a political subdivision, authorized by this code or chapter 2303, 2308.452 of the Texas Occupations Code. I give my consent for these charges and agree that the tow was lawful and caused no damage to my vehicle. I agree that all of the information on this receipt is true and correct. Questions or unresolved complaints about stored vehicles may be directed to: Texas Dept. of Licensing and Regulation, P.O. Box 12157, Austin, TX 78711 Phone # is 800-803-9202 or through the website or email to To view the list of applicable Justice Of The Peace Courts for relief under Texas Transportation code 685 please visit and enter the county from which the owner or operator of the vehicle was towed or booted. The vehicle was towed by Allstar, TDLR #006455831C 4206 E. Ledbetter Dr. Suite A, Dallas, TX 75241 214-819-3028. The vehicle was stored by Dallas County VSF LLC TDLR #0642648VSF, 4206 E. Ledbetter Dr., Dallas, TX 75241, 877-909-8697. The removal of this vehicle was authorized by 910 Texas Street Apartments, 910 Texas Street, Dallas, TX 75204 214-821-0910. You have the right to request and inspect the original tow ticket to verify the amount of tow related charges.”

For starter, the Texas Department of Transportation has nothing whatsoever to do with tow companies and vehicle storage facilities. A vehicle storage facility is REQUIRED to provide you a copy of the tow company receipt that delivered the vehicle to the storage facility.

All of their tow signs are illegal because of prohibited text in the red background directly beneath the tow symbol at the top of the sign, as this area is reserved for: “Towing Enforced” or “Booting Enforced” or “Towing and Booting Enforced”. Their tow signs lack statutory verbiage in the required phase, “Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed At Owner’s or Operator’s Expense.” Their tow sign gives the impression multiple people own or operator  a vehicles by stating “Owners or Operators”.

When arriving at their storage lot, a vehicle owner or operator are advised to follow the steps below and be sure to record with your cellphone the entire event up until you drive away in your vehicle:

Texas Vehicle Storage Lot Procedures & Release Documents

Everything in BOLD print must be displayed or provided, if anything in bold is not provided, please file the necessary complaints as each item is separate violation of the rules and regulations of the Vehicle Storage Facility Act.

Upon arrival to the storage facility by yourself or with someone, use a cellphone, digital recorder or camera to record in video/audio the entire event until you drive off the property. Racial and vulgar slurs and threats by the storage lot and towing company employees is not  uncommon, so it’s important to record everything said. If your told you cannot record them, place your cellphone in your shirt pocket on record or take friends with you to record everything, as they are recording you.

Listen to this event at a vehicle storage facility to understand the behavior you could encounter.

The first thing you ask for is their vehicle storage facility employee’s license card. (license card below).


They are required to display it so you can read and write their name, license number and expiration date upon request. It’s not  uncommon to hear the person on the other side of window say, “its all the receipt”. This is a sign of deception, you should always call 911 before paying someone money who refuses to display their valid TDLR license. (this includes tow truck operators also)

Once the license issue is out-of-the-way, you need to request a copy of the non-consent tow fee schedule for the towing company  that towed your vehicle, another document the storage facility must provide, upon request.

Ask why your vehicle was towed and if a photograph was taken to prove the reason towed.

Then, when talking about the charges they are demanding, ask what services, the date, the time, they were performed that allows  the $20 impound fee.  Ask who did the inventory. If the VSF employee says the tow truck operator did the inventory, the tow truck operator’s license number must be on the inventory document and must provide you a copy of it. Be sure to get that conversation recorded!

You also want to file a complaint against the tow truck operator if the storage lot employee says did the  inventory, because most do not hold a dual license, to perform the inventory duties of the vehicle storage facility.  Both the vehicle  storage facility employee’s and tow truck operator’s TDLR license number must be on the release documents. You can only be charged $20 day, if the vehicle is less than 25′ long. A daily storage fee may be charged for any part of the day,  except that a daily storage fee may not be charged for more than one day if the vehicle remains at the VSF less than 12 hours. In  this paragraph a day is considered to begin and end at midnight. (as an example, vehicle placed into storage at 11pm Saturday,  pickup the vehicle at 9am Sunday, only charged one day) Ask for a copy of the inventory since you are being charged for it!

If the notification fee of $50 is charge, you as vehicle owner or operator are entitled to see the postmark from the Post Office the Registered Letter has actually been mailed. The notification letter charge scam is widely abused when the 2nd day falls on weekends or holidays when Post Office is closed.

After making payment, under no circumstances should you sign anything, other than the notarized VS-011 TDLR form. Do not sign their business paperwork regardless what they say due to Identity Theft. The Storage Facility is also required to provide a copy of the tow company receipt that delivered the vehicle to the storage facility.

Before opening the door of your vehicle, check the door key on both sides, the weather-stripping above the door latch along the bottom of the window for cuts and damage, if you notice this damage, there is a good chance the tow truck operator used a slim-jim  to open your vehicle and rummaged through the contents of the vehicle.  You definitely want to call 911 before entering your  vehicle so it can be fingerprinted and documented by law enforcement. Be sure to get the offense report number.

Be sure to check your vehicle for damage or missing personal property BEFORE driving off the storage facility property.

The release documentation must provide the name of the person who authorized the tow, not the name of the business or apartment complex. (If they do not provide the full name of the person who authorized the tow, expect to collect $1000 plus three times what you paid the storage lot)

If the vehicle storage facility refuses to provide the name of the person instead of a business name, there is no deadline to file the tow hearing and you want to file the online complaint for this purpose of refusing to provide the name of the person.

If the vehicle storage facility is rude, refuses to provide all the required information provided on this page, please file the online complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations against the Vehicle Storage Facility license.

Refer to the TDLR Compliant filing process has shown here, so you will understand what to file against each license. In 90% of all vehicle releases for private property impounds, a total of four complaints are needed to be filed.  This page translates in 40 languages so everyone can understand their rights.

After filing the online complaint, print the last page that contains the “track number” and send an email to and attach the recorded conversation while at the release window. copies of the paperwork provided after payment is made and the police offense report, if applicable.

If you don’t file the online complaint against these storage facilities for their behavior with you, they will continue to take advantage of the public.These online complaints will not get your money back, but it will get them fined and their license suspended or revoked.

If you win a tow hearing judgement for your vehicle being towed, booted or charged a drop fee without probable cause, scan the certified Court Judgment and email it to, as the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations will suspend the tow company’s license until its paid in full!

It’s recommended that vehicle owners print this page to take with them to the storage facility so you don’t forget what to ask for.

Warn others by googling these companies and writing review about them as your comments will speak volumes compared to filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau who gave ISIS an A+ rating with a credit card charge of $495.

Patrica Jarvill Dallas County VSF OwnerCheckout the Patricia Jarvill Davis (above), the owner of Dallas County VSF on Facebook while she attempts to portray herself as an honest person when in fact she is nothing more than a vile criminal whose reaping is coming soon.

A vehicle owner or operator should always confront the tow truck driver attempting to tow your vehicle and say this phrase: “Do Not Tow My Vehicle“. Attempt to stop them before they leave the property with your vehicle as they cannot legally tow it or charge a drop fee unless the vehicle is fully prepared to transport down the roadway as shown in the photo above.


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