Alert Vehicle Owner Captures Photo of Uncovered Window At VSF, TDLR $3950

Once again, an alert vehicle owner, whom understood his rights while at one of Cantu’s Wrecker Service storage facility and because they knew their rights, snapped a photo and sent in a complaint to TDLR.

Never in a hundred years did Clemente Cantu think a TDLR investigator would be knocking on their door for an investigation after a consumer complaint.

It was not a good day, as they had tons of violations that led to an “Enforcement Hold” on their vehicle storage facility license and a Happy New Years fine of $3950.00..

The bottom line, if a licensee in either the towing, booting and vehicle storage facility programs attempt to scam a consumer, forcing them to do something they are not required to do, knowingly post illegal signs in the wrong locations or even if their account admits they are being paid for their so-called service, they should expect a TDLR fine and one of the many TTC recommended attorneys filing lawsuits on behalf of the consumer they just scammed….  Licensees just can’t win, as we make sure the consumer is educated on their rights..

This is NOT a tow company or vehicle storage facility Texas Towing Compliance would recommend to the Public, get a chain and tow your vehicle if possible instead of these guys…

Zip Code: 77497

License #: 648641VSF

Complaint # VSF20150002416

Date: 1/14/2016

Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty in the amount of $3,950.

Respondent failed to have sign posted at the VSF listing all the documents that may be presented to obtain possession of the vehicle; Respondent failed to have sign posted at the VSF which listed all the forms of payment accepted by the VSF; Respondent failed to have a clearly visible and readable sign which displayed facility information in the proper lettering size; Respondent failed to have a sign displayed to the public which listed the Department’s information for purposes of directing complaints; Respondent failed to have sign stating nonconsent tow fees schedule available upon request; Respondent failed to keep the required written records; Respondent failed to use plastic or canvas tarpaulins to ensure the impoundment of the vehicle; VSF-No reasonable efforts to store.
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