Administrative Law Judge Recommends $80,000 and Revocation Against Merlin

Nick Massey

Administrative Law Judge David A. Berger has issued a Proposal for Decision recommended that Merlin Transport Corporation be assessed an administrative penalty of $80,600 and that its towing company license (Excalibur Towing) be REVOKED and its storage facility license (Universal Storage Facility) be SUSPENDED for one year.

Now it’s up to the Commissioners of TDLR to uphold the ALJ PFD and the recommendations of TDLR Enforcement.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott ran on a pro-regulation platform to be elected our Governor of the Great State of Texas, as he should and we expect him to do what’s right and instruct the TDLR Commissioners to follow this Proposal for Decision, instead of issuing $1 fines with payment plans as they did predatory John Deloach’s Bexar Towing….

Download (PDF, 1.56MB)

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