Austin Police Department Provides Protection to Criminal Enterprises

946 vehicles towed without authority by J&J Towing and APD Detective Loosier says no crime was committed..more corruption evidence 3.27.14

It makes no difference who the police chief is in Austin and 90% of local police departments, as for the past 50 years, unscrupulous tow company owners have enjoyed the privilege to engage in organized criminal activity with impunity.

As an example to level of corruption that exist within APD ranks:

Underneath Interstate 35 Towing Scandal Reveals Criminal Behavior by J&J Towing & APD Does Absolutely Nothing to Reach Out to the hundreds of victims. March 27, 2014 Austin City Council Citizens Communications’ Topic

Everybody that saw their vehicle towed away from underneath the freeway between 6th and 8th Street between 3am and 5am by TJ’s Towing Service LC DBA J&J Towing is entitled to big bucks.  According to the City of Austin in an email this morning:

“The City does not have a Towing Contract with TJ’S TOWING SERVICE, LC. The City had a parking facilities management contract with ALRIGHT CENTRAL PARKING that expired 6-18-2012 and TJ’s Towing Service was the sub that provided towing services for Central Parking”.

Basically, J&J Towing’s drivers have been stealing vehicles for past 14 months directly across the street from the Police Station. During this time period, APD 911 took 418 calls reference vehicles towed from this area, only to be told by the responding officer their vehicle was legally towed when it fact it wasn’t.


The following is the Open Records Request I filed with the City of Austin reference this continuing to date, who is authoring all of the vehicles parked underneath Interstate 35 between 6th and 8th before patrons returned to their vehicles:

RE: Open Records Request
FROM Webb, Alexander L TO You
Show Details
From Webb, Alexander L
To ‘Pat Johnson’
Hello Mr. Johnson,

I was able to do some research and I wanted to let you know that the City does not have a Towing Contract with TJ’S TOWING SERVICE, LC. The City had a parking facilities management contract with ALRIGHT CENTRAL PARKING that expired 6-18-2012 and TJ’s Towing Service was the sub that provided towing services for Central Parking. I should have the CD for your other request ready for you at Lunch and I will leave it at the front desk for you.

Alexander Webb, Public Information Contact
City of Austin – Purchasing Office
(512) 974-6580
Supervisor: Steve Stenton, Financial Manager
(512) 974-2082



To give the public even more evidence of corruption within the ranks of APD and their relationship with Southside Wrecker Inc whose owners are former and current sworn employees who share their profits with the rank and file in addition to civilian employees within APD and the COA. Read the following:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bobby New Threatens Car Lot Owner with Arrest if Media exposes him

The Austin Police Department’s tow contractor, for over 40 years, Southside Wrecker owner today, threatened to have arrested a local used car dealer if he went to the media about the delay notification letter scam. New has claimed many times that he has APD in his back pocket. But then again, Acevedo has not issued a General Order to ban police officers from soliciting accident scenes for Southside Wrecker because they continue to do it, especially on big truck wrecks that net the, $20K or more.

Just because Southside has several family members who have retired from the Austin Police Department, Bobby New has no authority to have anyone arrested, especially for airing his backroom negotiations with the City of Austin in reference to their contract to the media.

If New is concerned about media coverage reference this issue, the City Council and the public will have their opportunity to see for themselves on March 27th during Citizens Communications.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Southside Wrecker Inc Delay Notification Letter Scam with the City of Austin taking advantage of the Public


The Austin Police Department’s Towing Contractor, Southside Wrecker is burning the citizens of Central Texas in a major way. It has been learned, based on documents provided by USPS and Southside Wrecker given to the City Auditor investigators, APD’s towing contractor is electronically mailing the notification letters from a post office in Little Rock, Arkansas, instead the post office in Austin.

Based on the USPS local postmaster (the method used by Southside and other towing companies, who are all members of the Southwest Tow Operators ) it takes 8 to 10 days for a registered letter to reach an Austin address from Little Rock, Arkansas.

According to the postmaster, when the same registered letter is mailed in person or electronically at the Cross Park Post Office in Austin, it takes one day to reach an Austin address.

The sole purpose of using an out of state Post Office, is so storage related charges will greatly inflate the tow and storage charges bill before the vehicle owner or lien holder finds out, knows where the vehicle is.

After nine days in storage, what would have released on the 2nd day with the notification letter for: $264.35 goes to $455.95 if paid out at 10 days.

Lien holders and Vehicle Owners are really pissed that Bobby New, the president of Southside Wrecker Inc would stoop this low in order to run up costs, by delaying the process to notify them where their vehicles are.

Pure criminal conduct targeting public regardless of financial status, businesses, college students, their parents, insurance companies, lien holders, Velocity Credit Union members and thousands of vehicle owners who’s vehicle were stored after being towed by the Austin Police Department.

According to TDLR, a vehicle storage facility cannot charge the $50 notification fee if sent electronically, as no labor is involved, as delivered in person at the post office, but APD allows them to violate the Law with to protect their profit sharing scheme.

USPS Tracking Records for a vehicle a local dealership was the lien holder

USPS Tracking™
Product & Tracking Information
Postal Product:
• First-Class Mail®
o Certified Mail™
Date & Time Status of Item Location
September 10, 2013 , 12:58 pm Delivered AUSTIN, TX 78745
September 7, 2013 Depart USPS Sort Facility AUSTIN, TX 78710
September 6, 2013 , 11:54 pm Processed through USPS Sort Facility AUSTIN, TX 78710
September 3, 2013 Depart USPS Sort Facility LITTLE ROCK, AR 72231
September 3, 2013 , 7:33 pm Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility LITTLE ROCK, AR 72231
September 3, 2013 , 6:18 pm Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility LITTLE ROCK, AR 72202
September 3, 2013 , 2:59 pm Shipment Accepted LITTLE ROCK, AR 72202
September 3, 2013 Electronic Shipping Info Received

Same registered mail electronically mailed from Austin is delivered the next day.


Just how Acevedo can stomach these abuses under his leadership as it’s rampant with cops, not all of them, but around 600 are accepting bribes disguised as expense paid offshore fishing trips, wild game hunting trips and outright cash bribes, as in the case of APD Sgt Robert Cummings who was reassigned out of the Wrecker Unit prior to his upcoming retirement.


Margo Frasier, the City Council appointed Police Monitor for the Austin Police Department has intentionally stalled an Internal Affairs complaint I filed on November 6, 2015 for the allegation of Corruption from being investigated by Internal Affairs and the Special Investigation Units.

APD IAD Corruption Complaint

Incidentally, when Ms Frasier was serving as Sheriff of Travis County, she then refused to require the sheriff department to enforce the state law and criminal statutes with regards to towing related crimes.


My latest public comments reference APD corruption issues:

This is just the tip of the iceberg as when the federal indictments are return, a lot of folks will be removed from our society to serve in the Bureau of Prisons..

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