Action Wrecker Service – Fort Worth Slammed with $18,000 TDLR Fine

Action Wrecker Service, in Fort Worth, has preyed on TCU students by employing unlicensed tow truck operators to basically steal vehicles, by towing them from parking lots with zero tow signs posted. Their storage lot is a complete disgrace, as they are dismantling and working on vehicles within their storage lot. A TCEQ complaint was filed against them today as well, since the surface of their storage area is nothing more than waste dump. The number of TDLR complaints that were filed were astounding and considering Action had already been fined by TDLR several times before, for the same reasons, now John Kuykendall must pay and pay well with an $18,000 fine.

For all those taken advantage of by this company, visit the owner’s Facebook Page.

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Zip Code: 76119

License #: 6450978C

Complaint # TOW20140002859

Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty in the amount of $18,000. Respondent towed a vehicle from a parking facility that did not have the required signage prohibiting unauthorized vehicles; Respondent employed an individual to perform towing operations without a license.


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