Action Towing located in League City Caught Lying Before JP McCumber

Action Towing (Southwest Tow Operators Member) out of League City, Texas are crooks worse than some, as Haitham Baqdounes and Kenneth Price, lie cheat, steal and damage vehicles they tow without probable cause, all for the mighty dollar. (common with predatory tow companies who engage in criminal activity)

Their butts got kicked in JP McCumber’s court as she didn’t buy their lies considering the mountain of evidence provided by one of our TTC website educated subscribers who was victorious in obtaining a judgement for $282.00 and $41 court costs, that was sent to the TDLR Investigator assigned his case.

Next comes the Small Claims Lawsuit for Statutory Violations.

According to Mr. Beard;

The tow company owners were “super cocky dicks” in court they even made the comment that most of there tows comes from where I was parked because people get confused. I was like that should tell you there is a problem with your signs right there!

And we have 38 more victims (TDLR COMPLAINTS FILED) scheduled for their tow hearing, before this same Judge, all towed from the same address, from same area.

The actions of this company is no different than the cartels beheading people in Mexico in comparison to the devastation the least who can afford, are forced to pay a ransom to get their knowingly illegally towed vehicle back!

The League City Police Department needs to shut this criminal enterprise down, as they are basically stealing vehicles from parking lots bearing tow signs, if any, with their name and number.

Law enforcement agencies in North Galveston County need to watch out for these thieves, as Action Towing does not have a valid 255 document for any property they tow for, which is required before the first vehicle is ever towed.

Taken the fact this tow company is a member of the Southwest Tow Operators, this type of criminal behavior is just their way of doing business!

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