A 1 Towing Knowingly Violating the Rights of A&M & Blinn Colleges Students

The college students, their parents, friends, citizens of Bryan and College Station are being targeted by local predatory tow companies’ vehicle storage facilities while in the process of violating the Rights of a Stored Vehicle Owner or Operator.  When going to a vehicle storage facility to get your vehicle backed after being towed without your consent, it should take no more than 15 – 20 minutes, that is, if the employee at the vehicle storage facility follows the Law. Press the arrow below to listen.

This shocking behavior taking place in Bryan, Texas is typical conduct the public can expect to encounter while at the a TDLR licensed vehicle storage facility anywhere in Texas. Some of these companies will outright violate your rights, refuse to display their vehicle storage facility employee license, much less any of the required documentation they are required to provide per State Law.

The female Texas A&M student in this recorded encounter after her vehicle was wrongfully towed in the first place, followed the Storage Facility Release Procedures and met deception after the first question and then refused to gain release of her vehicle after payment was submitted, for another unnecessary 20 minutes over an argument about signing A1’s paperwork, which is she or anyone is not required to sign per State Law.

After payment has been made, you should have four pieces of paperwork: VSF Receipt, Tow Company Receipt, Non Consent Tow Fee Schedule and the Vehicle Inventory completed by the Vehicle Storage Facility. Make sure all of these document are legible and have the TDLR VSF Employee and Tow Truck Operator license numbers n these documents. 

The primary reason the Texas legislature changed this signature requirement with the paperwork is to protect the motoring public from Identity Theft and Illegal Disclaimers, as illustrated on A1 Towing’s VSF receipt, shown below.

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While the Bryan & College Station Police Departments continues to ignore a State Law mandate to enforce both the Towing and Vehicle Storage Facility Law, leaving their citizens nowhere to turn other than to file TDLR complaints, which could take upwards of two years to complete, the public is routinely being victimized.

A1 is not the only towing and storage facilities in Brazos County targeting the public, as predatory behavior is alive and well..

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