$9,970 Small Claims Lawsuit Filed Against OnSite Towing After Illegal Tow in Houston

OnSite Towing

Mark Denson and Jonathan Bruce are in for a rough ride ahead, after another Small Claims Lawsuit was mailed in to be filed in reference to an illegal tow from a parking lot in Houston, Texas, as second lawsuit was filed claiming damages of $9,700, in addition to the first lawsuit filed for the illegal tow of $9,100. These dollar amounts are staggering to most over an illegal tow, but the tow was outright illegal as OnSite Towing did not have valid written authorization to tow vehicle. In this case, the tow truck operator knowingly stole a vehicle, as his employer never had a “valid” tow contract with the property owner. The actions of OnSite Towing obstructed administration of a law enforcement agency action.

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The public and especially predatory PPI tow companies, illegal towing comes with consistences, as $18,800 for a regulated tow costing less than $200, is sure to send shock waves through PPI towing industry, property management companies and landowners.

Subscribing to Texas Towing Compliance matters, these two lawsuits will prove our subscribers understand when their rights have been violated.

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