75% of Private Property Impounds in DFW area Illegal Due to Kickbacks

For anyone towed from a private parking lot in the DFW region, there is the likelihood your vehicle was towed in violation of state law.  Most towing companies know the general public is totally unaware of all the remedies to recover the money they extorted from them.  That lack of awareness is changing as more and more property managers are being found guilty for committing violations of the texas towing law.

There are still problems with Judges who suffer from the “black robe disease” who repeatedly issue rulings based on not what the law states, rather the size of the campaign donation.  We know this because of the increase in complaints against Judges who preside over private property towing related matters, with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Law enforcement around the DFW area are still lagging on their responsibilities mandated by State Law regarding their enforcement duties, by siding with wrecker drivers without reviewing all the facts based on what State Law rather than personal opinion.

Therefore, if your vehicle was towed between January 1, 2012 until now, a vehicle owner, operator or lien holder can recover the money paid to get their vehicles released by filing a “statutory violation lawsuit” against the parking facility owner, property management company or authorized agent to collect $1000 plus triple what your paid, plus the cost of repairs for damaged caused by the removal and storage of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, it’s advised to have specialized tow law attorney to get this money your due, but we have legal teams in Arlington, Austin, San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley that will take your case on contingency, some may charge a small fee, but the end results will be 5 times greater than what you paid.

Arlington legal team can be reached at 817-704-3984 or email.

Austin legal team can be reached at 512-236-1114 or email.

San Antonio legal team can be reached at 210-928-9999.

We guarantee a quicker return of your money than TDLR does…

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