$41,700 Fine for 32 Violations in SA – Illegal Towing

The citizens and tourists of San Antonio continue to this day to be targeted by five predatory towing companies, by stealing their vehicles, extorting money from members of the military and residents of apartment complexes.

The City of San Antonio revised their wrecker ordinance that gave the Police the power deter criminal behavior, but a Municipal Court Prosecutor, Karen Muniz has told SAPD she will not prosecute any towing company or their drivers, just the parking facility.

Many find this behavior of a city prosecutor to dismiss citations written by patrol officers for valid criminal offenses and documented investigations by the Police Department highly unethical and a sign of corruption.

The current case of Creswell’s Wrecker Service / Danny’s Road Service involves a joint investigation by the San Antonio Police Department Vehicle Crimes Unit and the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation that it’s finding documented over 30 violations, all of which carry a criminal offense.

The State of Texas wants to fine Creswell’s $41,700, SAPD wants to file the criminal charges for each of the violations and their prosecutor who is supposed to represent the City of San Antonio refuses to allow the police department to do their job.

The actions of Creswell’s owner is a direct result of being in business with John Deloach.

Everyone towed by Creswell’s Wrecker Service, Bexar Towing, Prime Time Towing, Eagle One and Atlas Towing & Recovery are urged to contact the Texas Towing Compliance San Antonio Prosecutor at 210-928-9999, as your due compensation from being wrongfully towed, charged a drop or boot fee, due to outdated tow signs posted.

Read the investigation file below.

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