Bexar Towing Outright Steals Two Vehicles & False Imprisonment of Senior Citizen

Deloach Bribes SA Prosecutor

John Deloach, the owner of Bexar Towing located in San Antonio, Texas is not known by the San Antonio Police Department, as someone who obeys the law, nor operates his tow company with not one shred of moral ethics.

I, personally know Deloach, as at time when I was the General Manager for Johnny Bates Wrecker Service, hired him to boot vehicles belonging to individuals who parked their vehicles at the Denny’s across the street from the Riverwalk Mall, a popular tourist destination. When Johnny Bates suffered a stroke and died, Deloach purchased Johnny Bates Wrecker Service assuming control of roughing 8000 accounts for $135K.

Through the years, Deloach has made the news many times because of his desire to knowingly take advantage of motorists, overcharging, with his attitude and the leverage of his $750hr legal team, basically controlled the process of prosecuting himself.  The current issue of corruption within the San Antonio Municipal Court Prosecutor’s Office where prosecutors refuse to take criminal cases developed by the San Antonio Police Department’s Vehicle Crimes Unit.

SA Municipal Court

Deloach and his attorneys have basically turned the judicial process upside down as even some of the local Justice of the Peace refuse to rule against Deloach even when probable cause never existed to tow a vehicle in the first place. For these reasons, the FBI has launched a probe into the San Antonio Municipal Court to eradicate these bad apples on the payroll and hopefully send them to prison for Hobbs Act violations.

In the latest twist, which Deloach will not prevail on appeal, is reference the towing of two vehicles belonging to homeowner who has full control his illegally marked assigned parking spaces within a Homeowners Association.


In this case, it involves a 68 year old senior citizens who arrived at Bexar Storage Facility, which complained about the vehicles in question, to which Deloach got into his face screaming at the top of his lungs. The senior citizen attempted to leave the office, at which time Deloach refused to allow him to leave, even locking the door preventing him from leaving, which basically “false imprisonment”. We have put this person in contact with SAPD to file the criminal charge related to this incident.

Just to give readers some idea of Deloach’s ethics issue when he was caught red handed in a booting scam operation taking place at the Greyhound Bus Station in San Antonio, above is the news story.

It’s a known fact, that Deloach installs the tow signs which is illegal as the tow company to prohibited from providing anything of value directly or indirectly to a parking facility in connection with the removal of the vehicle. Deloach’s wife has been observed many times walking parking lots placing warning stickers (something of value) on vehicles going as for as taking photos before the vehicles are even towed.

With this being said, John Deloach is basically racketeering and the San Antonio Police Department’s hands are tied due to the corruption within the San Antonio Municipal Court Prosecutor’s Office.

This victim also hand delivered a complaint with all the evidence to TDLR at their Twin Towers office on Clayton Lane in Austin, Texas.

With Deloach being a proud member of the Southwest Tow Operators, it’s proof he is enjoying the Southwest Tow Operator’s motto of, “The key to a thriving tow business in bribery”.

Anyone towed or booted by this unethical company are encouraged to contact James Meyrat, as he stands ready to recover every dime a vehicle owner or operator are entitled before Judge. Meyrat may be contact by calling 210-735-9911.

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