15 TCEQ Complaints Filed Today

TCEQ Complaints filed today against tow companies and vehicle storage facilities in Texas for not having the required EPA/TCEQ approved Storm Water Permit for their business address.

What we like about these types of complaints is, they are investigated within 24 hours of the complaint being filed. In addition, the fines for violations are more severe than any fine TDLR has issued and unlike TDLR, violators are subject to arrest depending on the severity of the violation/spill.

The Edwards Aquifer Authority is also going after tow companies and vehicle storage facilities in the recharge and drainage zones as well using the TDLR database to search facilities by zip code. To give companies some idea if they are targets of the authority and TCEQ, view these maps: bit.ly/1Nl8Yge

The costs associated with towing abandoned and wrecked vehicles to their storage facility is going to bankrupt some companies, without a doubt, due to the permitting, hazmat cleanup of fluids leaking from vehicles and the remediation of effected areas.

The Towing and Vehicle Storage Facility Industry lobbied the Texas Legislature for an Environment Fee to be charged, in addition to storage and towing fees to a vehicle owner, so it’s only fair they be forced to comply with Environmental Laws or seek another type of business.

According to TCEQ, both public and private facilities are required to obey these laws in place to protect the environment and drinking water supplies….

Complaints filed today:

Southside Storage, 8200 South Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas, Lone Star Wrecker Service; 4804 Up River Road, Corpus Christi, Texas; Reliant Towing, 10000 Slaughter Creek Drive, Austin, Texas; Interstate/Chaparral, 1604 Howard Lane, Austin, Texas; TJ’s Towing Service, 3506 Darby Street, Austin, Texas; PRS Vehicle Storage Facility, 4416 Brandt Road, Austin, Texas; Aviles & Gabes Wrecker Service, 2311 W Howard Lane, Austin, Texas; K & S Towing, 721 W FM 1626, Manchaca, Texas; G&G Impounding, 827 W FM 1626, Manchaca, Texas; 620 Lakeside City Impound VSF, 12228 Roxie Drive, Austin, Texas; Les Mott’s Wrecker Service, 869 Hwy 71 W, Bastrop, Texas, Customz Wrecker Service, 16400 Terrace Drive, Austin, Texas; Atlas Towing and Storage, 551 Steves Avenue, San Antonio, Texas; Bexar Auto Storage, 11926 Rail Drive, San Antonio, Texas; Eagle One Towing & Hauling, 11526 State Highway 16, San Antonio, Texas; Creswell’s Wrecker Service, 315 Rivas Street, San Antonio, Texas;

More complaints can expected to be filed as our audit teams are checking vehicle storage facilities across Texas and will report any spill observed on the ground, but then again, checking the TCEQ database by address of the VSF and Tow Company will determine who gets a complaint and who doesn’t….

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