15 More Complaints Against Tribble & Son Wrecker Service Referred to Prosecution

Not a day goes by that someone from the College Station area calls the Tow Victims Hotline (512-680-3190) to complain about being scammed by Tribble & Son Wrecker Service, due to illegal towing signs posted at the parking lot they were towed from.
I would say that Anthony Tribble is in for a fight, as his predatory towing company and his private property accounts will be saddled with huge judgements for more than $10,000 for every vehicle owner or operator who has retained the legal services of the Austin based law firm of Walters Dunn.
While the many victims of Anthony Tribble’s unscrupulous business practices will not have to worry about paying upfront legal and filing fees, Tribble and his accounts are facing huge legal fees for a battle they will not prevail in Court.
There is no valid reason why the College Station Police Department continues to allow local towing companies to engage in organized criminal activity against the citizens of College Station for financial gain with zero intervention from law enforcement when towed from private parking lots with illegal towing signs posted.
The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation, based on complaints filed by vehicle owners has already fined Tribble $15,750 for their behavior and sentenced him to two years probation.  Additional complaints continue to be filed with TDLR as Tribble has made zero effort to comply with the Texas Towing Law.
The most recent incident with Tribble occurred when a Federal Judge from Del Rio who attended an event at the Bush Library, was called a wetback while at their vehicle storage facility based solely on his Hispanic name on his driver license, when asked to see the storage lot employee’s TDLR license.
This behavior by Tribble and local law enforcement refusing to involve themselves in enforcing the Texas Towing Law cannot be allowed to continue.
So remember, if you are towed by Tribble & Son Wrecker Service, take photographs of the towing signs posted, the parking space towed from, scan the receipts given to you at the storage and email them to the WaltersDunn who get you $1000 plus triple damages, which includes the cost of repairs for damage done to your vehicle during the removal and storage.
Pay $300, get back $1800 with no upfront legal or filing fees…What a deal to seek revenge for your rights being violated by any towing company in Brazos County..
Statute of limitation is two years from the date your vehicle was towed.

Keep filing online complaints with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations against any towing company or vehicle storage facility located in Brazos County to ensure they will be held accountable.

Predatory Towing scams happen daily in Texas, only you can do something about it..visit www.texastowingcompliance.com
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