427 More TCEQ Complaints Filed

This morning, our SETX Audit Unit filed the TCEQ Spill Complaints against every tow company and vehicle storage facility in Fort Bend, Galveston, Chambers counties. We appreciate the effort by our teams of searching the TCEQ permit database against the TDLR VSF licensee database to determine which licensees do not have required TCEQ permits for storm water and water control permits. This process may take a month, but we will not rest until every company who doesn’t HAVE the required permits, get a complaint filed against them……

This morning we received emails from vehicle owners as well you provided us photographs of spills in the vehicle storage facilities they picked their vehicles up from while walking to their vehicles.

The tow industry lobbied the Texas Legislature for the right to charge a vehicle owner or insurance company an Environmental Fee. (TDLR has not set the amount yet).

So it’s only fair they be full compliance of environmental laws to protect our environment, or have their bank accounts drained trying to come into compliance and cleanup their spills, which could run into the millions of dollars at the end of the day for some.

Smaller tow companies who share their storage facility within the same property could be put out of business, no thanks to their $200 annual membership fee for the Southwest Tow Operators, the same organization that has done zero to advise you in being in compliance with TCEQ regulations…

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